Playing .avi files in fullscreen using AutoPlay Menu Studio 
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 Playing .avi files in fullscreen using AutoPlay Menu Studio

Does anyone have any ideas how I can get .avi files to play in full
screen (in Windows Media Player) from my menu I have created in
AutoPlay Menu Studio?
I have tried checking the maxamise tab, but that still does not play
it in a totally full screen. I have also tried putting various command
lines in the "arguments" box, but maybe I got them wrong...
I'm not sure if I need to create a new variable or something?
I am using the newest version of AutoPlay & Windows'98SE.
The rest of my menu is all working and ready to go...
I have been stuck on this problem for a long time, so any ideas would
be very appreciated.
This is my first ever message - please don't kill me!...

Mon, 16 Feb 2004 08:31:50 GMT  
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