Uploading a textfile to webserver via VB5 + Winsock (No 3rd Party OCXs) 
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 Uploading a textfile to webserver via VB5 + Winsock (No 3rd Party OCXs)

I'm working on a Intra / Internet instant messenger and have the Intra part
working fine, the problem is Internet users without fixed IPs can't find
each other (Without emailing the ip, which is slow, or using ICQ etc).

I want to add a sub-program to mine that uploads the users current IP to a
webserver (Ie User1.ip) and then downloads the other users IP files
(User2.ip, User3.ip etc).

I have some code that will get the file from the website, but need the code
to send it.
Does anyone know of a website / have the code that will allow me to upload a

I would like to do this using just the Winsock and not any extra 3rd party
controls, why?, because they add bulk and cost money :)

Is there a better way to pass IP addresses without doing the above?

On another point does anyone know how to use the Winsock without the OCX?
The ActiveX distribution exe file that the installer adds is bigger than the
program files put together. My app uses UDP and may use TCP/IP but the
winsock.bas file I have has no helpful comments.

Dave Grey

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Sat, 01 Dec 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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