need help on ending a task in windows task list 
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 need help on ending a task in windows task list


I am starting WordPerfect from Visual Basic and then opening a wordperfect document. Then,
I am printing it to to a temporary file(the file is the port). WordPerfect opens a print process
window and then puts the name of the file I am printing  in the windows
task list. If I  choose to end the printing process, I can stop it by selecting the file name and
hitting the End Task Button. I want to do the samething through the VB program.

Are there any windows SDK functions that can achieve this task? I guess all I need to do
is get the handle of the task and end it.  What are the Windows SDK functions that
can do that?

Thank you.

Viswanatha Thalakola

Sat, 29 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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