IMAGEbox dropped onto another imagebox flakey 
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 IMAGEbox dropped onto another imagebox flakey
Hello again all my helpers <S>
I have a  chess game. I am dropping imageboxs on top of other imageboxs, when
they get dropped I set the Zorder to 1 this brings the image underneith to the
top and the person can easily click on this image and drag the chess piece off
the board.
  My problem is that if I drag a piece from the bottom of screen to top or from
the right side onto a 2nd image box it drops nicely and looks fine.
BUT if I drag from topside or the left side (meaning from top to bottom of
screen direction or from left to right of screen) when I drop the image  it will
not drop cleanly upon the other imagebox it wants to squirt to the left or to
the top when it gets dropped. This is messy at best!
 I am thinking it is something to do with top and left coordinates of how
imageboxs work, but cannot find a work around for this :(

 I would prefer to have the opposeing players imagebox(chesspiece) being dropped
upon , attach itself to the mouse after a drop,or just go offscreen and
disappear when it gets dropped upon, this being more (PROFESSIONAL) but  I have
not figured this method out either :(
 Thanks to everyone that has helped me in the past as well


Fri, 04 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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