Printing in Excel Without Having Excel 
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 Printing in Excel Without Having Excel

I have an Excel97 spreadsheet that I want to be able to toss data into so
the user does not need to have Excel97 installed on his or her system.  The
sheet contains formulas that give different results based on cells that are
populated with the data retrieved from a data file.

I can toss data externally to the spreadsheet, but Excel97 has to load it
first and this gives a good amount of overhead to the given system.  I want
to eliminate the extra overhead of loading Excel97 and the spreadsheet and
just want to do something like OLE.

The reason is simple:  I don't want to have the contents of the spreadsheet
manipulated by anyone and I don't want to have to password protect it.

If someone could provide code that would give a good starting point, I can
more the likely figure out the rest.

If anyone that received the zipfile binary on here that does CPU detection
could help me out as a returned favor, I would GREATLY appreciate it!

Honor among fellow programmers?


Armando Ortiz

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Sat, 28 Apr 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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