Internet conection from VB5 
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 Internet conection from VB5

Hi everybody in the group !

I've got an aplication written in VB 5, with a webBrowser object
within, to show a set of HTML pages.

1-  When I make some calls from Javascript code within the HTML pages to
open a new
    Webbrowser (''), the window opened is always an
Internet Explorer one,
    because the object I use is IE. ? Is there any way to open this
window in the defaul system
    browser (ie Netscape), even changing the Javascript call for VB code

2-  ? Is there any way to detect if the system internet conectio is
already open ?
    If so, and it's closed, How can I call the standar windows dialog to
inform the user, and to
    permit him to establish the conection ? Is it possible to establish
directly this conection without
    user's confirmation ?

Thanks for the help

Javier Alvarez

Sun, 18 Nov 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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