ASP pages, slow, lack of debugging support - SOLUTION 
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 ASP pages, slow, lack of debugging support - SOLUTION


>incredibly slow performance when trying to use Interdev's database
>features utilizing ODBC, so I've instead opted to create ActiveX DLL's
>(OLE Servers) in VB5 to handle all of the data dirty working using JET.
>The speed difference is CONSIDERABLY better.

Perhaps you're setting something up incorrectly.  Using ADO I've
experienced performance increase by factors of 1000% (not a typo) or
more.  In fact, I've totally dumped Jet, RDO, and other VB data access
methods for ADO in my normal VB development (jsut refernce the ADO

Also, lets not forget Connection Pooling, a valuable resource savings.
(Does anyone know if CP is handled by ADO or the ASP DLLs?)

I haven't really used the IDev much, I prefer the old fashion method
of using Notepad, but from the little I have used I didn't notice any
obvious failings in the Global.ASA.

>With the better debugging support, speed and inherent security in having
>compiled code behind my pages there is no need for utilizing loads of
>VBScript to actually create the page.  In fact, I've tried passing over

Can't argue against the debugging aspect but security isn't a problem.
Unl;ess you allow directory browsing on your site nobody can view your
server side-scripts.

Fri, 26 Nov 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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