VB cannot open/read data from excel file anymore - automation error 
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 VB cannot open/read data from excel file anymore - automation error

Other programs can not open excel files anymore (office 97 and NT)  like

by douple clicking attached excel file in word document. Visual Basic
programs gives Error message "Run time Error '-2147024895 (80070001)
Automation Error, incorrect function" while trying read data from excel
(by using Excel Object libraries, I quess).

BUT if excel is open/runnig already everything works fine.

Do anybody have any idea how to  fix this feature? It's actually second
NT which started to act like this. In this morgning everything works ok
but now none of the programs trying to launch excel document don't work
anymore without that trick to start excel program before hand.


Fri, 20 Aug 2004 00:50:48 GMT  
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