Videosoft vsFlexgrid version 3 formatting problems - Help needed 
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 Videosoft vsFlexgrid version 3 formatting problems - Help needed


I am using the Videosoft vsFlexgrid version 3 Ocx. This is not the
version of Flexgrid which ships with VB. I am having a few problems with
Firstly if I try to format a column to display currency, I only get the
first charachter of the
currency + the ammount. This is OK for currency symbols which are only 1
character long like $ (Dollar) ,F (Franc) or (Pound), but some
currencies need more than this.
eg. FB (Belgian Franc) or IR (Irish pound) SFr (Swiss Franc)

Using the normal command to format the vsFlexgrid colunm as currency
( vsFlex1.ColFormat(0) = "$(000.00)" ), and having set up the appropiate
in control panel, you get the following

100 Belgian Francs (FB100.00) shows as F100.00
100 Irish pounds (IR100.00) shows as I100.00
100 Swiss Francs (SFr100.00) shows as S100.00

Is there a workaround for this?

Secondly I cannot get the cellfontsize property to work.

Lastly is there a way of formatting the date in a date column? ie
dd-mmm-yyyy  I can only get a short date.

Thanks for any help


Fri, 28 Sep 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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