Waveform Audio API - Can't Record 
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 Waveform Audio API - Can't Record

We're trying to record some audio using the waveform audio API.

We get the device caps, it looks correct, and do a waveInOpen
with the appropraie structures filled in with the appropriate
values. We get "Unsupported format".

We're tried several sound boards, and have actually tried filing
the WAVEFORMT structure with every possible combination of
1'a and 0's (took a few hours to run ;-) aand it always returns
with "sorry dude, your board doesnt support this format".

Can anybody send me a code snippet that records using the
waveform API ?

Or, if thats too much trouble, email me your phone # and
perhaps we can call and ask a couple of questions.



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Thu, 30 Oct 1997 03:00:00 GMT  
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