need help with paintpicture and picturebox 
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 need help with paintpicture and picturebox


Problem No. 1
I have 2 Pictureboxes. Picturebox1 contains a picture while
Picturebox2 contains another picture. I used Paintpicture to copy a
small potion of Picturebox1's picture to Picturebox2. However whenever
I Minimise the form, the small cropped potion disappears. I tried
setting Autoredraw to True but this really slows down the program.
Could anyone offer me any other suggests?

Problem No. 2
I have another Picturebox3 would contains a few Labels in it as well
as a picture loaded. How can I copy the picture and labels in this
Picturebox3 to another Picturebox4? I tried using

        Picturebox4.picture = Picturebox3.Image

but all I managed to copy was the background picture of Picturebox3.

Thanks for any replies.


Fri, 06 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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