Win API - Sending keystrokes to a hWnd 
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 Win API - Sending keystrokes to a hWnd

I'm working on an application that will send text to another
application via hWnds. I've got the hWnd code all set. I can send
plain text with no trouble (sample code included). What I haven't been
able to figure out is how to send a control-key sequence. I CAN NOT
use sendkeys as I can't guarantee that the target application will
necessarily be in focus at any given moment. Sendkeys is NOT an

The API docs (Chuck Petzold's book was my reference) would seem to
suggest running a SendMessage() call before and after the existing
SendMessage call to turn on and turn off the VK_CONTROL key when
applicable. This doesn't seem to work and I can't find any
existing/working examples.

Here is the most basic version of the code used to send the plaintext
(contractual obligations keep me from posting my exact code):

Private Sub SendText()
    Static working As Boolean

    Dim pressedKey As String
    Dim pressedKeys As String
    Dim scnCode As Long

    Dim interCharDelay As Long

    If (working) Or (pHwnd < 1) Then
        Exit Sub
    End If

    working = True

    interCharDelay = 5

    '// each "line" of text must have a CR-only at the end
    pressedKeys = Me.Text1.Text
    me.Text1.Text = ""
    call LogLastLine(pressedKeys)
    pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, vbCrLf, vbCr)
    pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, vbLf, vbCr)
    pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, vbTab, Space$(4))
    pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, "{tab}", Space$(4))
    '// follow lines should be changed to allow other special chars
    'pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, "{tab}", Space$(4))
    'pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, "{tab}", Space$(4))
    'pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, "{tab}", Space$(4))
    'pressedKeys = Replace$(pressedKeys, "{tab}", Space$(4))
    If (Right$(pressedKeys, 1) <> vbCr) Then
        pressedKeys = pressedKeys & vbCr
    End If

    Dim r As Long
    Dim x As Long

    For r = 1 To Len(pressedKeys)

        pressedKey = Mid$(pressedKeys, r, 1)

        scnCode = GetScan(pressedKey)'// function returns hw scancode

        x = SendMessage(pHwnd, WM_CHAR, Asc(pressedKey), scnCode)

        Sleep interCharDelay

        If pUnloading Then
            Exit For
        End If


    Next r

    working = False

End Sub

Thanks all.
Chris Hornberger


Tue, 14 Sep 2004 00:01:26 GMT  
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