Dll registering?, back 
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 Dll registering?, back

Hi Everyone,
I posted this several days ago and never
had a response back.  Since then I've discovered
that I needed to include the atl.dll file with my
install package.  Apparently on many of our
client machines other programs during their
install had placed this file in the System directory,
hence our installed fine.  But on newer/sterile
machines this file doesn't exist, hence why we
need to include it.

My question is does anyone know what this
actually does?  Or where I can find some
information about it?

Thanks for any/all help, guys.

Hi guys,
I'm running into a very strange problem.  I have
a dll built from C++ that our VB app. uses.  We
currently are still using the built-in P&D wizard to
build an install package.  Here's the bug.  On some
machines the dll will not register either during the
install or while attempting to manually register (regsvr32).
Even when the OS is the same, normally Win98.

I had one client sterilize their machine, Fdisk, format,
and reinstall Win98.  And it sill wouldn't register.  And
then 9 out of 10 other clients the registering works
peferctly on Win98.

Anybody have any ideas?  I'm stumped...
Thanks for any/all help.


PS We've used the RegMon program and it shed
zero help or light as to what's happening.

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Sun, 28 Sep 2003 22:05:45 GMT  
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