Crystal Report Database-Change 
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 Crystal Report Database-Change

How can I change the Database-Path for the Tables in my Report with

I have take the 'PEGetNthTableLocation' -Function to get the Location and
'PESetNthTableLocation' -Function to set the Location. The answer is right,
but the change isn't made.

This is the VB-Code (4.0-16 with CRPE.DLL Datei-Version

   For i = 1 To PEGetNTables(PrJob(1))
         Location.StructSize = PE_SIZEOF_TABLE_LOCATION
         Antwort = PEGetNthTableLocation(PrJob(1), i - 1, Location)  
         Location.Location = "D:\DATENBA\ZEICO.MDB" + chr$(0)
         Antwort = PEGetNthTableLocation(PrJob(1), i - 1, Location)

Can you help me !

Thomas Ritter

Sun, 21 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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