VB 4.0 16-bit Bug with OLE (Was Re: VB 4.0 Enterprise and OLE) 
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 VB 4.0 16-bit Bug with OLE (Was Re: VB 4.0 Enterprise and OLE)

Greetings All,

After having spent some time with Microsoft support, I have verified with
them that I have found a bug in VB 4.0 16-bit.  Following is the description,
and how to replicate:

Platforms: Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Win NT 3.51
Product: MS Visual Basic 4.0 Enterprise (16-bit)
Symptom: When Firing the terminate event of the public exposed class of an
VB created OLE server, VB 4.0 hangs.

This occurs while testing (with two concurrently running VBs), and during
runtime testing with a created EXE.

One interesting tidbit: The customer service rep didn't think that this
bug was going to be resolved since it's in the 16-bit world, and Microsofts
focus is now solely on the 32-bit world.  (As far as I know, the bug doesn't
occur in the 32-bit version).  If Microsoft doesn't fix this bug, this will
be very unpalatable for both me, as a developer, and my customers, who are
also developers.  What Microsoft sometimes forget in their rush to produce
new products is that they have existing products and legacy platforms to
support... Arrrgghgh.  Since creating OLE servers is one the largely touted
features of the new VB, you'd think that they'd test it more thoroughly...
Oh well, this is nothing new based on my experience with Microsoft products.

Anyways, enough ranting for now.

Russell Chan

Russell Chan,
Sr. Software Developer,
Sietec Open Systems

Sat, 16 May 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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