Calender & Passing the date 
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 Calender & Passing the date

I have a Calender form ,how do you  pass the date I double click on to
another form with text boxes attached to a data control and retrieving the
fields from a database that match the date passed. I made a Global variable
named DateOfChoice, it get's passed to the form but I'm not sure how to make
the database recognize it. The text boxes keep filling up with all the
Thank You for any suggestions
Here is the code for the form I want the DateOfChoice passed to.

Private Sub Form_Load()
Set myDataClass = New dataClass
  With myDataClass
 Set .FormName = Me     'pass in the current form
 Set .datactl = Data1  'the data control to manage
 Set .ProgressBar = ProgressBar1
 .dbName = gDataBaseName
 .Buttons = "cmdButton"
 .RecordSource = "SELECT * FROM Activities"
 .LabelToUpdate = lblRecordCount
 .FindCaption = "Type in a Date or:"
 MsgBox "SearchDate is: " & " " & searchdate
 .FindRecordSource = "SELECT * FROM Activities ORDER BY DateOfActivity"
.FindMatchField = "DateOfActivity"
 .Tag = "1"        'identifies the controls
 .ProcessCMD 0     'default to the 1st record
End With
'With Data1.Recordset
 '  .MoveLast
 '  TotalRecords = .RecordCount
'End With
End Sub

Sun, 04 May 2003 11:57:46 GMT  
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