Just a quick Net function query this time (he says...) 
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 Just a quick Net function query this time (he says...)

Can someone help me sort out why the following code doesn't work? I think it
should because I am using StrPtr in the same way with other API-related
functions in my code. I can also get the function to work by using the
horrible spaghetti-code method of using a null-terminated array of Bytes,
but I'd rather it worked with the much more legible StrPtr. :)

The error it raises is Nerr_DCNotFound.

Private Declare NetApiBufferFree lib etc etc
Private Declare Function NetGetDCName Lib "netapi32.dll" (ByVal p_ServerName
As Long, ByVal p_DomainName As Long, ByVal p_Buffer As Long) As Long

Public Function GetPDCName(Optional server As String, Optional domain As
String) As String
    Dim result As Long
    Dim pdcName As String   'temp string used because I don't feel it is
safe to use strPtr() on the function!

    result = NetGetDCName(StrPtr(server), StrPtr(domain), StrPtr(pdcName))

    If result = NERR_SUCCESS Then
        GetPDCName = pdcName
    End If

    NetApiBufferFree StrPtr(pdcName) ' Free the buffer

    If result <> 0 Then
        Err.Raise result, App.Title & ".network.GetPDCName::NetGetDCName",
    End If
End Function



Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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