Visual Basic 3.0 , Oracle Glue 1.1 
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 Visual Basic 3.0 , Oracle Glue 1.1


> (1) How does one specify what database is to be connected to in VB ?

Use Execsql() with any valid SQL statement, e.g.

> (2) At what stage should the glueinit command be issued , and what other
>      glue commands are required ?

GlueInit() should be called before any other Oracle Glue function gets called.
This essentially primes the DLLs provided with Oracle Glue.

> (3)What does vbglue.bas do and when should it be invoked ?

VBGLUE.BAS contains the declarations for the 10+ Oracle Glue functions.

Something to note
Your path should include the directory where all the Oracle Glue DLLs are
kept, or you can copy them to the Windows (or system) directory.

When you run your application, you will notice that a few DLLs from the
Oracle Glue DLLs are loaded.  When you end your application, you will
also notice that they sometimes remain.

Reason: when a function in a DLL is called, VB will load the DLL if this
function has not been called before.  So, if you call two different
functions in the same DLL, the DLL has a referece count of 2.  When you
end your application, VB unloads the DLL, subtracting the reference count
by 1.  But, the DLL is still{*filter*} around with a reference count of 1.
I don't like this "feature".  You have to decide how to clean up.

- Nicholas

Fri, 23 May 1997 13:21:51 GMT  
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