Linking multiple Access backends with a single front end 
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 Linking multiple Access backends with a single front end

After receiving some email responses to my stripping and slapping
post, I realized I was not very clear on my problem.  So please humour
me while I take another shot.

The problem I'm having is that my access front-end is not tied to a
single backend.  I've written a vb5 app that administers multi media
psychology experiments.  Each experiment the user creates is
self-contained in a separate copy of a single .mde that I wrote.  I
created this 'blank template' .mde before I knew about keeping
front-ends and back-ends separate.  What's happened is that all my
users have been making *copies* of the blank .mde for every new
experiment and fill in all the appropriate info.  Consequently, some
of them have 10 to 20 *separate copies* of this .mde lying around in
different folders, each with different data.  I'm sure you can imagine
the frustratration this causes when trying to upgrade the front-end of
the mde.  Whenever I've made changes to the .mde, I've had my users
replace *every* old copy they have with a copy of the new version and
cut and paste all their data from the old ones into the new ones.
Insane, no?

I know how to tell different frontends where to find their backends,
but I don't know how to tell a bunch of different backends where to
find their common frontend!

I guess what I'd like to do is have the front-end stored with my
app--not with each separate database.  Problem is, I don't know how

1. strip the front end off the user's exisiting copies of the mde.
2. tell all the new stripped down mde's where to find the new, common
front-end forms and modules

If I could do that, then I could just distribute the new front end
with each upgrade of the vb5 app.  So long as it was always in the
same folder with the same name, the backends would never have to be
touched--they would always just use the newest front end.  Oh, what a

I hope that makes sense now. Any ideas or strategy would be greatly

Thanks in advance,

Mon, 02 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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