Remote Access and Dial-Up Adapter problem 
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 Remote Access and Dial-Up Adapter problem

I am writing a Client/Server OLE server to upload/download data between
our HP Unix Server running Oracle 7.2 and PC's running Windows 95.  The
program is written in Visual Basic 4.0 Enterprise Edition.

My problem is this:

        When the .OpenConnection() method is called, my Dial-Up Networking
        dialog box for my local Internet provider is activated.  I have
        to click 'Cancel' to close down the Dial-Up Networking dialog, then
        my program accesses the HP Unix Server okay.  I have also had the
        Microsoft Network connection dialog box come up as well.

My question is this:

        1.  How do I prevent the Dial-Up Networking dialog box and/or the
            Microsoft Network connection dialog box coming up instead of
            just connecting to the HP Unix Server?

I have the following computer configuration:

        Computer:      Dell XPS P120c
        RAM:           24 MB

        ODBC Driver:   VisiGenics

Control Panel - Networks
   Client for Microsoft Networks
   Client for NetWare Networks
   3Com Etherlink III Bus-Master PCI Ethernet Adapter
   Dial-Up Adapter
   IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol -> 3Com Etherlik III Bus-Master PCI Ethernet
   NETBIOS support for IPX/SPX-compatible Protocol -> IPX/SPX-compatible
   TCP/IP -> 3Com Etherlink III Bus-Master PCI Ethernet Adapter
   TCP/IP -> Dial-Up Adapter
   File and printer sharing for NetWare Networks

Network:               Protocol:           IP Address:
------------------     ----------------    -----------
Novel NetWare 3.12     IPX/SPX
Windows NT 3.51        TCP/IP (Default)      
Dial-Up Networking     TCP/IP               DHCP

Sun, 04 Apr 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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