A HOW-TO: Setting Printer fonts: WAS Printer fonts 
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 A HOW-TO: Setting Printer fonts: WAS Printer fonts

You kinda have to get the printer's attention before you start and after each
enddoc. Do that with a few Printer.Print statements. For example, here is teh
beginning of a rather complicated document one of my programs creates. This code
is repeated after each EndDoc....

        Printer.ScaleMode = 5   ' inches
        Printer.FontName = "Arial"
        Printer.FontSize = 14
        Printer.FontBold = True
        Printer.CurrentY = 0

Usually I will go in a remark out the Printer.Print statements one at a time
until the font setup fails, then go back and Un-rem the last one I changed. In
this case, I decided that the Printer.Print statements could stay since they
don't hurt anything.

Once you wake up the printer, future changes to font properties work just fine
until you hit the EndDoc statement...

  >I have banged my head against the wall many times with this one!  I have a
  >program that prints photo cd images.  I want to release each page to the
  >printer after it is processed so that it can begin printing, they take a
  >while to print.  If I do a Printer.EndDoc and then reset the font name and
  >size the printer ignores it and uses the default font and size!  This is
  >driving me nuts!  Does anyone have a suggestion!
  >Tony Greening
  >CEO Image Systems ( http://www.*-*-*.com/ )

Sun, 05 Sep 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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