HELP: Data Access Objects w/ ODBC connected to Oracle Database 
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 HELP: Data Access Objects w/ ODBC connected to Oracle Database

I am writing an application in VB4-ProEdition-16bit that will access and
Oracle DBMS (running on a Sun) using ODBC and the VB Data Access Objects.  I
am new to programming with DAO's and have come across a problem that I cannot
find a solution to.  

Speed is a major consideration in this project.  Using SQL Passthrough, I can
connect to the ODBC data source and retrieve a reasonable amount of records
(read only) with no problems.
I am using a snapshot dynaset to this.  On our LAN (relatively traffic free),
it takes about 12 seconds to initially connect, and about .5-1 seconds to
perform the SQL query to retrieve records.

However, since the recordset returned is read only, I am unable to add/update
records in the table.  It appears, that to do this I must do one of two

1) Not use SQL PassThrough.  This causes the Jet engine to do the Queries on
the database.  I end up with an access time of 17-20 seconds!!!

2) Use the QueryDef Object.  I would love to use this method, but I can't seem
to get it to work.  It always returns an error code saying Feature Not

Any help/suggestions on this would be appreciated.

Thank you very much,
  Matthew Appler

Mon, 31 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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