NewWorld3D 1.5 OCX update - screen shots 
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 NewWorld3D 1.5 OCX update - screen shots

NewWorld3D 1.5 OCX update - screen shots

The NewWorld3D ActiveX control version 1.5 will be released this month with
dozens of new features and an all new rendering engine. Check out the screen
shots at:


The new engine features high resolution rendering, variable screen size, walls
of varying heights, non-orthogonal walls, advanced overlays, moving textures,
texture animation, performance tuning, scalable creatures, and more! The
control update is backwards compatible, so all your current NewWorld3D code
will be useful.

Best of all, all current owners of NewWorld3D will recieve the upgrade FREE!
Order your copy of NewWorld3D today so you'll receive the upgrade the instant
it becomes available. Happy Holidays from the folks at Coherent Visual.

NewWorld3D ActiveX Control
NewWorld3D is an ActiveX control that opens up a whole new world of
possibilities to the Visual Basic, VBA, or other ActiveX-supporting developer
by providing a real-time 3D engine for placement within any ActiveX container
environment. NewWorld3D is based on a graphics engine similar to the popular
Doom/Hexen game engine.

* Provide a 3D world in almost any application!
* Includes map editor
* Integrated database NewWorldDB
* Control the user viewpoint for automated walk-through or product
* Events are generated by such occurrences as user movement or interaction
with the 3D world.
* Program NewWorld3D with Visual Basic, Visual C++, VB Script, JavaScript or
any ActiveX environment
* Add a 3D world to your PowerPoint presentation!

Because the NewWorld3D component is plugged into any ActiveX environment,
other capabilities within that environment may be supported. For example, a
web browser that supports MIDI or a RealAudio feed may be activated given
particular events that occur within the NewWorld3D.

For more information, please visit our web site:


Tue, 05 Jun 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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