Taking an MS C++ project and writing a VB project featuring a UDP listener 
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 Taking an MS C++ project and writing a VB project featuring a UDP listener

I have a 3COM LAN Connect ISDN box which I use to connect to the
internet. Part of the software provided with this is a nice taskbar
application which tells you when you are online and allows you to fire
up a browser to do the remote management of the ISDN box.

I discovered recently that 3COM have posted the source code for this
application on their web site, and downloaded it. I did this because I
would like to use part of this to write an application to log my
online sessions and let me know how much cost I am incurring (features
not available with the taskbar application). When I got the code I
discovered it to be an MS Visual C++ project (I should probably have
guessed it wasn't going to be written in VB :-) ).

Anyway, I have looked at the source and it appears to rely on a
listener which listens on UDP port 2071, but that's about all I can
understand from it - I don't speak C++. So, I am after two things:

1. Is there a nice tutorial somewhere dealing with UDP listener type
applications in VB?

2. Is there a guide to understanding C++ projects for VB developers?

Any help much appreciated. For anyone interested, the 3COM Desktop
Manager C++ source is available (as open source) from this url:



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