PLEASE HELP! OLE advice needed! :) 
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 PLEASE HELP! OLE advice needed! :)

Hi... Hopefully someone can help me with this...

I have a database file that I am trying to make a form for from Visual Basic.....
The file contains some text fields and an OLE object field that will contain
pictures (BMP files). Anyways, I am using VB 4.0 and would like to make a form
that will display the records of the database but I cannot seem to figure out
how I plug the picture field's contents into the OLE controls I put on my form!
I have tried using the picture box and image controls to display this field
but both give me an "invalid picture" error. I then discovered the OLE control
and found that it will display the picture field from the database. The big
problem is that the only way I can figure out how to attach to the DB file and
display each record is to bind the control to a data control. Binding to
the data control works fine but it only displays one record in all 5 of my
OLE controls! I want five DIFFERENT records displayed in my 5 OLE control, and
not the same record! "How do I fill an OLE control with a field from a DB file",
is the main question here....

Thanks in advance for any help!!!!!

Sat, 15 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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