Help: Setup Wizard makes HUGE amount of files... 
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 Help: Setup Wizard makes HUGE amount of files...

Yes, you do need to include most of them.  But a few of the really large
ones are very common.  The msvbvm50.dll is needed for all VB5 programs, so
you may not need to add it if your users will already have it.  The same
goes for MFC40.DLL and other named similar to this.  Your users may already
have them.  But as for your OCX's, you should include them, as that is the
only way you can be sure that the user will have one that is at least
lowest version your program needs!
-Marcus Trisdale
Visual Basic - Games - Programming - OCX's

> I create an app that is less than 100k after compiling.

> When I run the setup wizard on it, it adds a pantload of dll's and ocx's
> to it resulting in a group of files almost 4Meg in total!

> Do I really need to include all of these files? I understand that my
> custom controls are included here but damn!

> Any suggestions?

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Mon, 24 Jan 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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