Visual Basic Training Course - Southampton, England ( Advertisment ) 
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 Visual Basic Training Course - Southampton, England ( Advertisment )

The  Skills Foundation are now taking reservations for the following
training course to be held in Southampton on the 23rd through 25th March.
Any interested candidates should reply as soon as possible as places are
naturally limited.

Name of Course: Visual Basic Application Development

Course Code: DVB

Course Description

This course provides the skills required to apply Visual Basic solutions to
business Requirements. The course introduces object concepts for the
application, and identifies the full capabilities of Visual Basic. It
enables experienced developers to build fully Windows integrated solutions
for the user community.

Course Objectives

On successful completion of this course, delegates will be able to maximise
the efficiency of application build by use of the Visual Basic environment.
They will be able to create GUI Views for Client / Server and prototype
their programs. They will also create efficient, reliable and maintainable
code, increasing efficiency in the application development environment.

Who Should Attend ?

Analysts, Programmers, Developers who want to use Visual Basic to develop
Windows based applications to fit their Business requirements.


Delegates must have experience in programming or macros, and knowledge of
Windows and event driven environments (e.g. Access, Excel)

Course Content

Module 1
* Design environment, Forms and controls
* Properties and methods
* Object Browser
* Database elements and structure
* Built In Data Types
* Arrays and Structures
* Subroutines and functions
* Conditional logic

Module 2
* Creating Client / Server GUI front ends
* Control arrays
* Standard controls
* Professional controls
* Customising Controls
* Graphics Controls
* Text Controls

Module 3
* Creating Menus
* Menu design
* Creating Dialog Boxes
* Common Dialog Box control
* Writing event procedures
* Database Programming

Module 4
* Debugging Visual Basic Code
* Watch Variables
* Breakpoints and call trees
* Statement and procedure steps
* Validation Techniques

Module 5
* Windows Help Files
* The Help compiler

Module 6
* DLL functions
* Multiple Document Interface (MDI) applications
* Windows API
* ActiveX components
* OLE, embedding & linking


3 Days 23rd - 25th March 1999.




Other Courses Available in Series

* Introduction to Visual Basic
* Advanced Visual Basic

For more information, course fees, dates etc, please contact Elizabeth

Telephone 01705 426799

Mon, 13 Aug 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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