Q: Calling 32 bit DLL from VB 
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 Q: Calling 32 bit DLL from VB

Function: Calling a 32 bit DLL (created with VC++ 1.0 on NT 3.5) from
          VB Pro 3.0

Problem:  Get "Error in loading DLL".

Attempts at diagnosis:
          F1 at error message displays help for Error 48 which suggests
          possible causes, ie, DLL not a valid DLL.

          Ran program to call API LoadLibrary function (documented
          in VB KB, document Q90753) to get more detail.  It returned
          error code 21 = Application requires Microsoft Windows 32-bit

          Wrote VC++ program to call the same DLL.  Worked properly.

Question: Can one call a 32 bit DLL from VB PRO 3.0 on NT 3.5?

          What are the MS Windows 32-bit extensions and where are they

All thoughts appreciated.

Tue, 26 Aug 1997 21:13:00 GMT  
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