Problem getting Unique Numbers from a shared Record Type 
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 Problem getting Unique Numbers from a shared Record Type

I am having problems with the following code.  I sometimes get the same
number on different stations.  Thanks if advance for any suggestions

Function GetNewShipNo() As String
Dim FHandle As Integer
Dim Tn As Long
Dim Shipper As ShipperTypeNo

On Error Resume Next

  FHandle = FreeFile
  Open "s:\LASTSHIP.DAT" For Random Lock Read Write As FHandle Len =
    Lock #FHandle, 1
  Loop Until Err.Number = 0

  Get #FHandle, 1, Shipper
  Tn = Shipper.LastNo + 1

  Shipper.LastNo = Tn
  Put #FHandle, 1, Shipper
  Unlock #FHandle, 1
  Close FHandle

  GetNewShipNo = CStr(Tn)
End Function

Sat, 13 Jul 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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