ANN: VBRunner v1.00 
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 ANN: VBRunner v1.00

I hope this isn't considered spam because although what I'm about to announce
*can* involve payment, it also has a totally *free* side to it; plus I think
it's good to announce alternatives to existing *expensive* commercial products
to save newbies paying high prices when they probably didn't have to; so I'll
take the chance of being flamed and announce it...

I have just released a small app called VBRunner which lets you distribute your
*simple* VB apps as though they were true standalone executables.  That is, a
user without any VB runtimes can unzip your app and run it immediately, without
going through a setup + reboot routine.  To the user, your VB app is used just
like any normal C++ or delphi standalone program.  This means you could possibly
even run your VB app from a CD-ROM (although I haven't actually tested this).

Naturally there are limitations on which sorts of VB apps can use VBRunner, and
these are explained at VBRunner's web page.  For simple VB apps, VBRunner is a
great alternative to the Setup & Deployment Wizard approach, so check it out:


Regards, Otser.

Mon, 26 Apr 2004 12:31:52 GMT  
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