Requery/Update/Datacontrol ? 
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 Requery/Update/Datacontrol ?


I have following situation:

A DataControl (dynamic) which allows access to my .mdb table is used for
adding and updating new records. I have defined some queries in Access
which I access from my application using a 2nd DataControl (static).
Then a simple textfield which is linked to the latter DataControl to
visualize  the result of this query. This is all set up via properties.
No. 2 must be defined as static , otherwise, I can only define the
dataSource without the data to be retrieved [forgot the property name:
DataXYZ: i'm at work, VB is at home ;-) ]

When I run this app. and I do updates (1st DataControl), the textfield
is not updated. Of course, the 2nd datacontrol is just a query on the
table at startup, without the previous changes.

I tried the 'requery 'on datacontrol2, an 'update' on datacontrol2.
Didn't work. Does anybody has an idea? There must be a simple solution
to this...


Sat, 07 Aug 2004 14:55:37 GMT  
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