Does Internet Explorer Clear the Keyboard Buffer? 
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 Does Internet Explorer Clear the Keyboard Buffer?

Do you know if the KeyDown Event works properly in Internet Explorer?

I have an Active X dll which runs in Internet Explorer, and have some error
checking in a KeyDown Event (ie when the user presses the Enter key I check
that the data is OK, and if it isn't I give a Message Box telling them).

However, for some reason when it picks up the error, it goes into an
infinate loop, giving me the aforementioned message box.

Does anyone know why it would do this, as it does not occur when I run it
in VB, or not as an Active X Document?

Do I need to Clear the KeyCode property after my processing within the
KeyDown Event?

Caleb Joliffe
(Datsun 180B SSS (DE))


Sat, 27 Jan 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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