Messages made with CDO don't sync to OST 
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 Messages made with CDO don't sync to OST

Hello Everyone,
   I am trying to develop an application that puts messages into a
users Exchange Mailbox via CDO. The messages include tasks, notes,
contacts, etc.
   When Creating the messages everything seems to work just fine, users
connecting to the Exchange server can read all of the messages with no
   However we are running into problems with disconnected outlook users
who dial in and synch their OST with the exchange mailbox. all Messages
that are created in outlook (instead of our app) synch to the user just
fine. However some messages created via CDO are not synching to the
OST. Specifically Messages in certain folders, such as tasks.
   My questions are as follows:

1) Does CDO need to set any specific fields in order for Outlook to
synch a message?

2) Does a folder have any settings that would prevent certain messages
from synching? (not a filter, we tried that)

3) Does anyone have any other ideas of what might be causing our

our enviroment is:
Exchange 5.5 (tried with SP2 & SP3)
Outlook 98 & 2000 (same problem experienced with both)
VB6 standard EXE with reference to CDO 2.1 library

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Sun, 17 Mar 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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