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I've been developing a series of COM DLLs in VB6.0 that form a framework for
a web-based application.  It consists of 8 DLLs, encapsulating 9 classes.

Lately, I have been plagued by the occurrance of an 'out of memory' error,
that is raised when one of the objects has a method called from the
Application_Onstart event in the Global.asa file in IIS4.0.  This problem
seems to take awhile to develop, but when it does, it's proven to be
practically impossible to eradicate, or undo it's erroneous state.

The error occurs in a class that is attempting to create another object that
is within the same DLL.  It tries this through the
ObjectContext.CreateInstance method.

This, however, fails when called from the global.asa, but seems to work fine
when called from somewhere else.

-    Unless the code fragment calling the DLL causing the problem is
removed, the error keeps occurring.
-    Rebooting the server, or restarting the WWW service does not help.
-    Rebuilding the component is ineffective, even when it's given a new
progid.  The application will crash in a matter of days, sometimes hours,
after it has been re-installed.

Are special considerations necessary when creating objects from the


Danny van Kasteel

Wed, 18 Jun 1902 08:00:00 GMT  
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