Graphic editor ?? 
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 Graphic editor ??

Hi All,

I am planning to develop an application which requires a basic
graphic editor features. It should do: draw a line; drags a line
and moves it around; resize it; creates a polyline; edit polyline
segments; etc. You figure out the sort of application.
I did similar thing in Tk/Tcl under Unix and now I am trying to do under
Windows. The VB4 Programmer's Guide (page 389) says:
"Limitations of Graphical Controls":

            Cannot receive focus at run time.

This means, I cannot edit a line during the run time ?
Therefore it is NOT possible to develop such application
using VB4!?! If it this is true, could you point me out to a
product/system/language/environment/package/whatever in which
I can develop such application.

Tks folks,


Tue, 01 Sep 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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