using FileSystemObject FolderExists for remote dir? 
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 using FileSystemObject FolderExists for remote dir?

i'm trying to test for whether or not a directory on a remote machine

i've tried a bunch of different variations on the syntax for the
FolderExists method from msdn's reference manual:

if anyone could tell me what i'm doing wrong (or if it's not supported
at all to test if a remote path exists on a network share), that'd be a
big help.  below is a snippet of what i'm trying to do:

dim status, path

'  i tried both of these, still returns false when i know it exists
'path = "\\foo\bar\some_path\"
'path = "x:\some_path"

status = ReportFolderStatus(path)
response.write status

Function ReportFolderStatus(path)
   Dim fso, msg
   Set fso = Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
   If (fso.FolderExists(path)) Then
      msg = path & " EXISTS."
      msg = path & " DOESN'T EXIST."
   End If
   ReportFolderStatus = msg
End Function

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