Need VB4 Programmer in Oklahoma City Area 
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 Need VB4 Programmer in Oklahoma City Area

I need a VB4 programmer in the Oklahoma City area or someone to program
something for someone in the OKC area.

I am in need of a simple front end to access a small database.  The
database will be a read only to the end user.  The database would be about
400-600 (ball park) records long with about 15 fields or so.  The user
would basically choose items from DBCombo or DBlist boxes to narrow his
selections.  Once the user selected or moves from one record to another
record three pictures of the selected record would need to be displayed.

Oh it gets kinda confusing on some of the little features I would need, but
I believe this is a VERY basic type program that doesnt require a VB4
master programmer to complete.  Its an idea for a retail product I have.
Dont have much of any start up moneys, but could work something out.  If
you cant deal with me do
you have any suggestions of where or who I could contact to get a small
project done?  I have toyed with VB4 Standard using bound controls with
some success, and would finish it in about 10 years, once I get one feature
figured out I run into a road block, which again takes 2 weeks to figure

Richard Bercher

Fri, 26 Mar 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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