VB4 - Commit or Rollback without BeginTrans. (Error 3034) 
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 VB4 - Commit or Rollback without BeginTrans. (Error 3034)


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I am converting a VB3 app to VB4. Everything is going fine except for
a form that has BeginTrans, Commit and Rollback statements within the

The code worked 100% under VB3 however I am experiencing problems with
code that generates the "Commit or Rollback without BeginTrans" error

Basically, the only modification to the relevant code  that I have
made is to include the following:

Dim MyWorkspace As Workspace - in the General section
Set MyWorkspace = Workspaces(0) - in the form load section

I modified the existing Commit, Rollback and BeginTrans statements to:
MyWorkspace.BeginTrans, MyWorkspace.Commit and MyWorkspace.Rollback.

The form is arranged for three inputs via text boxes that add, modify
or delete data from within an Access database table. There is a data
control on the form.

Also on the form are command buttons for accepting, deleting,
modifying, cancelling changes, and exiting.

Even if I just load the form then immediately exit, I get the "Commit
or Rollback without BeginTrans" error message. That is, it loads the
form, reads (amongst other statements) the following; Dim MyWorkspace
As Workspace , Set MyWorkspace = Workspaces(0) and
When the exit button is pressed it then reads (amongst other
statements);  MyWorkspace.Commit, it is then that error 3034 is

I have been stuffing around with this for a few days now, read
anything I could on the subject but I am unable to get it right.

Sorry for being so long winded with the posting but I would appreciate
some help and guidance on this subject


Sat, 26 Jan 2002 03:00:00 GMT  
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