Need Help Registering COMCTL32.OCX 
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 Need Help Registering COMCTL32.OCX

My normal development machine is full of development tools and I did not
want to load one more damn thing.  So I found a computer nobody was using
and decided to load the development environment for a particular client on
that seperate computer.

This client uses Oracle's Developer/2000 R1.3.2.  We know that Dev/2000 has
limitations with OCXs right now but we wanted to experiment a little.  We
want to use the TreeView Control within Oracle Dev/2000.

I though this would be simple.  I copied COMCTL32.OCX and COMCTL32.OCA to
the new computer and placed them in C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM.  I then used
regsvr32 and registerd the control as follows:

                  regsvr32 comctl32.ocx

regsvr32 did its thing and said everything was now registered.  Ok, the
control shows up in the list of controls but I am unable to use it for
development only runtime.  What do I need to do to enable this control for
development short of installing VB 4 on that computer as well.

Thanks in advance,

Enzo Maini

Wed, 10 May 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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