Crystal Reports 4.5 printing prob. 
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 Crystal Reports 4.5 printing prob.

  Hi, I am having a problem printing a Crystal Reports report using
Visual Basic 3.0.  I'm using CR 4.5.  

The report does not print at all when I do the following:

  report1.reportfilename = whatever.rpt
  report1.action = 1

I finally got it to print using the Crystal Reports Print Engine functions:

  result = PEOpenPrintEngine()
  printjob = PEOpenPrintJob("whatever.rpt")
  result = PEOutputToPrinter(printjob, 1)
  result = PESetNthLogonInfo(printjob, 0, logoninfo, 1)
  result = PESetSelectionFormult(printjob, formula)
  result = PEStartPrintJob(printjob, 1)

This code prints fine when I run it the first time, but if I end the
program and start it again through VB, I get a GPF in CRPE.DLL.  If I
make the program an exe, it runs fine.  I tried this program on another
computer and got a GPF in VBRUN300.dll right after it finished printing.  

I would really appriecate it if someone could help me out, I'm starting
to run out of ideas.

  Greg Gramlich

Mon, 29 Jun 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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