Help plz,plz,plz!!! 
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 Help plz,plz,plz!!!

I got a data component:

name         : datGebruikers
Connect    : Access 2000
Defaulttyp :    1- UseJet
Reasonly   : False
RecordType: Dynaset
RecordSource: Login

A dbCombobox:

name :dbcboGebruikers
rowsource: datGebruikers
Listfield: User
Boundcolumn: UserId
DataField : UserId

And some textboxes and checkboxes linked to different fields in

I want the checkboxes and textboxes to be updated according to the selection
I make in the dbcombobox.

Dim zoeken As String

zoeken = dbcboGebruikers.BoundText

datGebruikers.Recordset.Index = "PrimaryKey"
datGebruikers.Recordset.Seek "=", Val(zoeken)

If Val(zoeken) = 1 Then
    Call deselecteren
    Call Selecteren
End If

But this does not work. It tells me that "Operation is not supported for
this type of object" and refers to the index = "PrimairyKey"

So i delete this part and run again and and still the same message but now
it's referring to the seek operation.

Can NE1 help me with what I'm doing wrong?

Thu, 15 May 2003 03:00:00 GMT  
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