Access Basic time clock calculator 
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 Access Basic time clock calculator

Do you need an Access (tm) application template that can serve as
the basis for a payroll calculator or a personnel tracking system?

Does your Access database need such features as:
  - accept time information in hundredths of hours format but
    store underlying data in standard Access time types,
  - automatic data import of fixed width text containing time
    in hundredths of hours,
  - a data entry form that accepts time in hundredths of hours
    using both main/subform and single record input,
  - a daily employee time report selectable by date, an employee
    list that offers a choice of number or name sort at print time,
  - automatic subtraction of unpaid breaks from time card hours,
  - functions that convert between hundredths of hours and standard
    Access time types,
  - examples of form, report and query interaction controlled by
    Access Basic instead of macros?

All of this and more can be yours for less than $50.00. Reply now

and ordering information. Use any and all features in your application
royalty free. Save precious development time and dollars. Eliminate
mistakes and wasted effort. Complete your project faster. Reply today!

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