Urgent : VB6 ADO Connecting to SQL 6.5 
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 Urgent : VB6 ADO Connecting to SQL 6.5


Could anyone please help with the following problem?

I've created an application which uses VB6 (sp1) and ADO to connect to SQL
6.5 (sp4) on NT4 (sp4). Everything works on the development box with the app
connecting to the SQL Server and retrieving recordsets.

I then re-created the database on the Live server which is NT4(sp4) and SQL
6.5(sp4) and moved the test data across. If I then change the server
reference to the Live box which is on a different domain the program seems
to connect as I don't get any connection errors, but when retrieving the
first recordset gives the error 'Invalid Object 'KEY_REASONS' (which is one
of my SQL 6.5 tables).

I can connect to the Live server via ISQL so It's not anything to do with
the link.

Yesterday I went to the Live domain and installed the software on a users
machine for user acceptance testing and exactly the same thing happened. In
the end I pointed the user back to the Test server which worked fine even
though it's on a different domain.

Even though both the boxes seem to have the same software on them the live
server (which was built by a different dept) seems to have something

Does anyone know if any particular services are required for ADO to connect
to NT4/SQL6.5?  We do have some existing apps which use ODBC and we don't
seem to have any problems it's just ADO onto the Live box.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks in advance,


Wed, 04 Jul 2001 03:00:00 GMT  
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