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 table locking

I need to figure out how to lock tables for my client server application.  I'm
using VB4 16bit and DB2/2.  I need to lock tables when the user enters an edit
mode.  While I haven't executed any sql, once a user enters an edit mode, I
have to ensure that nothing changes the table that the user wants to edit until
edit mode is exited.  

I also need to know how I can lock the table so that others can continue to
read the table as well as locking the table so that other do not have read or
write access to the tables.

I've also noticed that at times when other methods are locking the tables, vb
waits for the table locks to free up, while not returning an error code saying
that the table is locked at this time.  Is there any way to force VB to return
an error if a table is locked rather than waiting for the table to unlock?

Sun, 30 Aug 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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