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 Table Relationships Question - Access 97


I am trying to setup the relationships, without much success, between 2
tables for an auction application in Access 97.

The first table is an 'Items for Auction' table with fields for each of
the properties of the item, and  2 other fields, 'SellerId' and
'BuyerId', to obviously identify the buyer and seller of the item.

Because at the auction a buyer can also be a seller, and vica versa,
and because the details that I want to store about buyers and sellers
are identical, I only want to use 1 more table, 'Customers', instead of
2 tables, 'Buyers' and 'Sellers'.

I know that if I used 2 tables instead of a single 'Customers' table
then I would need to setup 2 '1-to-many' relationships; the 'SellerId'
and 'BuyerId' fields in my 'Items' table as foreign keys to the
'Sellers' and 'Buyers' tables.

But, how can I setup the 2 '1-to-many' relationships using the
'SellerId' and 'BuyerId' fields both setup as foreign keys to the 1
'Customers' table?

Thanks in advance.


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Wed, 18 Oct 2000 03:00:00 GMT  
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