GPF in MSAJT200.DLL / DAO2516.DLL 
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 GPF in MSAJT200.DLL / DAO2516.DLL

this generally kills the app and when you try to start up again it bombs
out in DAO2516.DLL (002D:0047).

They both run Wfwg3.11 with DOS 6.22 (16mb ram, 486/75) with a new vb4.0
app running with access 1.1 mdbs using the 2.5 engine.

The app opens the db's  & initialises the main tables when starting up;
the error comes when opening the first DB.

Anyone got ANY clues at all what I can do here? I haven't converted the
db to access 2.0 format as some of the other apps still use 1.1; I'll try
this as soon as I can, maybe that'll help? Or is something with the
general configuration wrong (access 2.0 was installed before the vb4 app



Sun, 05 Jul 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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