dBASE III/IV & FoxPro Index files 
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 dBASE III/IV & FoxPro Index files

Question: How do I implement fast searches for records with
NDX, .MDX, and .CDX index files (for dBIII, dBIV, and FoxPro

Can I use the Table objects' Seek method based in the tables'
index field?  

How can VB determine if there is or isn't a valid Index for the
current .DBF (database) file?

Finally, is the *.INF file required to point VB to the proper
index file?  In reading Jennings text: Database Developers Guide
with VB 3, he says that if the index files reside in the same
directory as the database files, and have the same basename,
then an .INF file is not required.  Is this true?

Fred Zimmerman

Mon, 12 Oct 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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