Major Help needed with VB4 + Windows 3.11 Linked to Access 2.0 on Novell 4 
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 Major Help needed with VB4 + Windows 3.11 Linked to Access 2.0 on Novell 4

Hi All,

I need some help !!!!!!

I have developed an application, which is currently being used on 4
PC's running Windows 3.11 linking to a Access Server running on a
Novell 4.1 server.

The application is made up of a number of forms, which connect to 1
database (with several tables) using, mainly True Grid Pro, linked to
data controls. The database is about 9MB

I am currently experiencing major performance issues, would anyone be
able to help me with the following questions.

i) One form requires numerous access's to one of the tables. When
looking at the network statistics, it appears that every time I access
this table, the whole table is downloaded to the PC. For example, on
the 9MB database, the table is 600K. It is sometimes necessary to
perform 60 individual updates on this code. Looking at the network
traffic, it appears that 22Mb has been read.

Is there anyway of preventing this, or is this because Access 2.0 is
not true client server.

ii) Is there a way of usuing an Access 95 (or 97) database on the
server, while still usuing VB416bit (not allowed to upgrade to Windows
95 or for that matter use Oracle or Informix).

iii) Would using Paradox offer an improvements.

iv) Is usuing the data controls a silly move??

v) Can VB5 be used on a Windows 3.11 machine, or is it only it 32bit
form. (I do develop on a  Windows 95 machine)

If possible, could I be emailed about any advice, although, it would
be useful for this to addtionally be answered through the newsgroup,
as it may prove informative to other readers.

Lastly, may I thank anyone in advance for any help / assitance that
can be offered.


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M.L. Greenwood's & Associates - Business & Technical Consultancy

Mon, 16 Aug 1999 03:00:00 GMT  
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