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 List box scroll bar

I have went out an got a dynaset from an Oracle database.  I then do a loop where I add
the two fields (Username, Created) to my listbox.  Everything works fine except that I
have a Horizontal scroll bar and it does PAGE DOWN like a vetical.  Is there a way to
make it be a VERTICAL scroll bar AND act like a VERTICAL bar.

        ' Build Existing Users List query
        SQLStmt = "Select all_users.username, all_users.created "
        SQLStmt = SQLStmt & "From sys.all_users "
        SQLStmt = SQLStmt & "Order by all_users.username"
        'Create the dynaset for the user data and test for any records
        Set ds1 = gCurrentDB.CreateDynaset(SQLStmt, DB_SQLPASSTHROUGH)
        'Process dynaset records
        If ds1.EOF Then
            msg = MsgBox("No records found.", 0, "")
            Screen.MousePointer = 0
            Exit Sub
            numrecs = ds1.RecordCount
        End If
        i = 1
        Do While Not ds1.EOF
            If Not IsNull(ds1.Fields("Username")) Then
                lstExistingUsers.AddItem ds1("Username") & "    " & ds1("Created")
                lstExistingUsers.AddItem "Unknown username"
            End If
            ds1.MoveNext            ' Get the next record
            If ds1.EOF Then         ' Are we at the last record?
                Screen.MousePointer = 0
                Exit Sub
            End If
            i = i + 1

Sun, 05 Apr 1998 03:00:00 GMT  
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