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 Data List

  I'm using the Data List control because I need to list values from a
  datafield in a table .   By the way, this post was really helpful in
  getting me to successfully put up the Data List control.  I just have
  this one question.  Can you select multiple values in the Data List
  control? Right now, I can only select one.. and there seems to be no
  property in the control that lets you enable multiple selection.. If a
  Data List does not let you select multiple values, what are my
  alternatives.. I really need to allow multiple selection.. and I can't
  resort to a simple List box as I really need the RowSource property
  (for listing from a table field)..

Any help would be really appreciated..

Thank you.


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Tue, 21 Jun 2005 16:46:29 GMT  
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